Ultracraft Nether

All you need to know



General Rules

  • ❒ Griefing

    Greifing is absolutely forbidden in the server and one of those things we will not tolerate and get you permabanned from the server. Killing players, Stealing/destroying items, Destroying projects will get you permanent ban.

  • ❒ Hacking/Cheating

    Usage of any kind of modded/hacked client that gives you advantage over other players will get you banned without any warning/excuse.

  • ❒ Item duplicating

    We do not allow Item duplicating in our server. The only exception is TNT duplication which can be used only in small scale to clear up areas for your mob farms or such things. But other duping such as gravity blocks will get you temporarily banned from the server.

  • ❒ Using Offensive Names/Builds

    IGN and Naming mob including slags/offensive words, and building adult or trap structures will get you banned and chat restricted.

  • ❒ Lag machines

    Creating redstone contraptins that doesn't server e purpose will be insta-removed and will get you temporarily banned.

  • ❒ Chat Spamming/Cursing

    Spamming in chat or cursing will not be tolerated. And while detected you will be chat banned.

  • ❒ Harrassment

    Harrasing other players despite of gender, age will not be tolerated. You don't have the right to abuse others. Respect others and be friendly.

  • ❒ Asking favors from Admin

    Admins are not obliged to give you items or make structures for you. You're playing survival. You are bound to make your own builds. Admins will only help in extreme rare cases. And don't ask admins to tp you to places. TP Requests will be ignored.

  • ❒ Denying Screenshots

    An admin can request screenshot from you anytime. Failing to give screenshot immediately/disconnecting will proof of you using modded client and will count as ban evasion. It will get you a full season ban and demolishing of structures made with mod/hack.